Band Tees & Skinny Jeans


*Mark Lee voice* Let’s get it.


I mean to post this back on April 16th but I was overwhelmed with school work.

I had no idea who this band was prior to buying this shirt last year on sale for like $5 at Box Lunch. I just like the 1980’s video game graphics so I bought it. Turns out they were the band performing during the 2015 Paris terrorist attack. The band has made headlines recently for other things.

Soooo…that’s unfortunate but don’t @ me about it.


It’s kinda hard to see but I found this cute rose necklace at Urban Outfiters for $14.40. They give to 10% off your purchase when you sign up for their emails.


My gold hoop earrings I found 50% off at the Lucky Brand outlet mall for $9.25.


And of course my Zac Posen backpack!


One last close up.

I hope y’all enjoyed this quick OOTD post! Have a great rest of your day!

IMG_8767 2


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