Outlet Mall Haul March 2018


A little late, I know😅

But to be fair my receipts say March 22th, so It was going to be April in a week anyway. Originally I was going to break this up into two blog post. After going back and editing photos, there wasn’t enough content for two separate post.


Let’s start with the OOTD. If you remember from my last post I talked about my savage visor. I really love it. It will be worn often throughout the summer. Nothing here is really new. I think the only items I haven’t talked about is my gray tiger shirt I bought on sale at H&M for like $10 and my red heart belt.


I meant to post pictures of it when I first got it but I forgot to upload them on here or Instagram.


I bought it on eBay for $2.72 but the price has dropped since. I have sooooooo much love for this belt. I plan on buying more in every other color it comes it. You would think for the price the quality would be bad, but it’s absolutely perfect.

Gap Overall Shorts


I haven’t been much of a Gap shopper in a while so when my mom suggested going in to look, I didn’t have too high of expectations. They had a great sale going on at the time. These were originally $59.99 but they had 50% off so I got them for $29.99 (before tax).


I say this every denim purchase but I really love denim. My thighs aren’t shorts friendly they eat them but these are comfy and perfect for summer.

Gap Cactus Shirt


The color on this looks so weird omgg.  I swear this shirt is cuter in person and natural lighting. I’ll have to take a picture outside of this shirt next time I wear it. Gap’s cotton t-shirts are so comfortable. I love basic crew neck t-shirts. They had random ones on sale for $7.99. There were a couple I wanted to buy but they didn’t have my size. Full price they’re $19.99. I wanted to take advantage of the sale.

Gap Striped Shirt


This was the other t-shirt I bought at Gap. I’ve worn it out a few times too. I have no complaints.

After tax, this trip to Gap was $49.19. The receipt says I saved $54. Yay!

It’s not a proper outlet mall trip without checking out what’s going on at Coach. Unfortunately for my wallet they were so many cute items to pick up. I narrowed it down to these two.


Bag review tiiiimmmeeeee!!!!

When we walked into Coach outlet they had excellent sales going on. They had 40% certain items and 60% off your entire purchase. Both of the pieces are from their Coach American Dreaming collection. Let’s look at the Cracker Jack wallet first.


Coach Cracker Jack Credit Card Wallet American Dreaming


This was just too cute to pass up. I really needed a wallet to fit my smaller handbags. I thought this one would be perfect. It mostly is.


The back compared to the front is simple. White leather with white seams and an imprint of the brand logo.


Now here’s where things get a little tricky for me. This wallet doesn’t fit much. I like to keep all my rewards cards on me. Otherwise I forget to put them in my bag when we go somewhere. You can fit cards, cash, and some change but you have to really narrow down what’s important for the day.


Downsizing is extremely difficult for me when it comes to what goes into my bag/wallet. This is why I’ve gone back to carrying my Zac Posen bag recently. 

It was originally $95 and I paid $18.88 for it. I’d say that’s closer to what it’s really worth. This shouldn’t have been more than $35 in the first place.


Coach Large Wristlet America Dreaming Patches



*Taeyong voice* wow amazing! That’s the mood for this handbag.


I tried to take pictures of this in different lighting. It’s a dark canvas with darker C’s plastered all over it. It’s my favorite Coach print actually. It reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene print and I love that look too.


Technically this is a wristlet but I’ve been carrying it as a mini bag.


The bottom of this bag is solid black and matches the black accents carried throughout.


A downside of this bag is the size. You can fit the Cracker Jack wallet, a phone, chapstick or lipstick and a maybe one more small item before it’s cramped. Definitely a purse for a light travel day.

So this handbag was originally $175. I got it for $54.08 after the sale they had at the outlet. In total I spent $78.87 after taxes saving $197.04. This may have been the most money saved at the outlet to date.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’m finished with finals and I have a small break before summer school. I’ll be posting an OOTD post next on Thursday. Take Care!


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