Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack Finds March 16 2018


Almost a month later…

I took these pictures pretty close to when I actually bought them. I got sidetracked and ended up pushing this one and a couple other post behind.

So back on March 16th my mom and I went shopping. I needed more shorts to lounge in around the house and maybe wear outside this summer. Plus I wanted to check out what sheet mask and other beauty items they had a Marshalls. I found these cute shorts.

Gray shorts with orange trim


They’re not totally fashion forward but for around the house and $9.99 they’ll work. They have pockets that fit an iPhone 7 so that’s a major perk.


They’re extremely comfortable and now they’re my favorite pair of shorts.

Original price: $15

Sale: $9.99

White Tennis Skirt


I love love love this skirt! It’s 100% polyester but it’s soooo soft and light weight. It will be perfect for summer. I doubt I’ll actually wear these playing tennis maybe but I do plan on wearing them with t-shirts on lazy days. They also have pockets!


The shorts underneath the skirt don’t ride up and don’t stick out under the skirt either. The back is solid white so I didn’t take pictures. It’s so hard to photograph white and red in my room. I’m still trying to figure out the lighting and camera settings to make them look better. 

Original price: $26

Sale: $19.99

On to the Nordstrom Rack portion of this post! They had 40% off clearance at the time.

I’ve been trying to take more pictures when I’m out at stores of random things I find interesting.  This was one of them.


I just thought it was so funny to see a hat like this in real life. I kinda wanted it ironically. I did find a visor that says savage on it. I keep forgetting to take a picture of it but it’s perfect.  It was $22 but I paid $9.97 for it↓

Now time for dressing room pics!


And a selfie of course.


And the actual items I bought minus the savage visor.

Brown  Zip Up Sweater


I found a new addition to my statement pieces. It’s mostly a polyester and acryilic blend with like 3% wool. It’s also incredibly soft. I was able to wear it a few times before it warmed up.


The pockets are so deep!


The back is kinda boring but you can get a better idea of the shape of it.

Original price: $68

Sale: $10.79

White Skirt


This came out so bad wtf??!?!?! Once I start wearing this I’ll link it to this post. But you can actually see a better picture in my dressing room picture ↑.


I thought this skirt would also be great for summer. It was originally $70 but I bought it at $4.20. Isn’t that wild?

Blanket Skirt


That’s what the receipt says lol. I love bouclé/Chanel like items. I usually buy red accesories but lately I’ve also been infatuated with it in clothing. This skirt is also a-line so it’s just continued to check off boxes. I figured it would be a great piece for once I start my career after college.


I almost only buy lined items now.


I also love a good exposed zipper.


Original price: $79

Sale: $11.85

I hope y’all enjoyed this post. I apologize for it being up so late. It’s been hard for me to meet deadlines for this blog but I’m trying to figure out a better schedule. Some weeks I have tons of ideas for multiple post and others are dead. I try to get the ootd pics up first because these haul like ones can be posted whenever really.

Anyway take care!




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