31 Day Challenge Day 30 & 31


Today is the last day *air horn*

Day 30: What’s in your makeup bag

I don’t carry a makeup bag anymore. I did back in high school but now I carry smaller purses so I don’t have the room for a makeup bag. I usually carry translucent powder, lipstick, chapstick or lip gloss, and a kabuki brush for the powder.


Day 31: Why do you blog

I blog because I tend to express myself better in text than orally. I love sharing things I’ve found shopping. I saw so many fashion bloggers around 2011-2013 but I felt like I wouldn’t be that successful at it so I didn’t start a blog immediately. Now I feel like I can blog how ever I want without comparing mine to another. Or trying to fit a certain image  or clique.


That’s just the mood now lmao

I hope this challenge wasn’t too boring for y’all to read. I’ll be going back to posting ootd and other posts.


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