31 Day Challenge Catch Up Days


Cause I’ve been doin stuff. Sorry for the wait tho.

Day 26: An old photo of you


I don’t remember why I decided to go on a selfie spree back in October of 2010…but I did lol. This was from my Facebook. I used Facebook so much in high school. Especially sophomore year when this picture was taken. I loved those sunglasses so much. I eventually had to get rid of them because they got scratched. I don’t remember where I got them though.


Day 27: Post your favorite recipe


It’s for peanut butter cookies. I tweak my version of this recipe for my own cookies though. This is a great starter and what I followed until I started getting adventurous.

Day 28 What are you looking forward to

I feel like I answered this question already lol. Well, in the immediate future I’m looking forward to battling to get Wanna One tickets on the 18th. Actually sooner than that I’m excited to get sushi on Thursday with my mom.


Day 29 Where have you travelled

I’ve been to about 24 states. Some of them I think I went to as a child but I don’t remember spending time there so I don’t count those. Most of the states I haven’t been to are in New England area, midwest like Iowa and Indiana, and upper western states like Montana and Wyoming. Oh yeah and Alaska and Hawaii we may be going to Hawaii this summer.  Internationally I’ve been to Mexico, Italy, and England.

I think that gets me caught up for the last two days of the challenge.


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