31 Day Challenge Day 24 & 25


Day 24: Your favorite childhood book


I don’t remember if I was in like 1st or kindergarten when I first heard this book but I loved it! I still have the same book from like almost 20 years ago. Growing up in the desert there’s tons of different wildlife out there especially bats. So I think that’s why I wasn’t too afraid of Stellaluna…she’s like ugly cute. But without completely spoiling the book it’s about a bat named Stellaluna, who gets separated from her bat family and gets adopted by a family of birds.

She has a hard time fitting in and I think subconsciously I related a lot to Stellaluna. I didn’t have any biological family in Arizona, I was an only child (which was always strange to other kids like it was my choice lol), and there weren’t a lot of black kids either so when I wanted other kids to play with I’d have my friends from school. But I had to assimilate in order to fit in.

I read soooooooo much as a child. I need to get back to that. I have other books I loved too but I can’t think of them at the moment.


Day 25: Your 5 favorite blogs

I don’t really read other fashion blogs as much as I did before I became a blogger. Some of the girls I used to follow stopped blogging because they get more attention on Instagram, don’t update their blogs or when they do it’s like once every 7 months, or I just can’t remember their names. So I’ll give you a list of 5 of my favorite Instagrammers (not in any particular order).

  1. Nathalie/It’s You Home Girl
  2. Eumoir 
  3. Peco Okuhira Tetsuko
  4. Cheyanne Sorrelle
  5. Mai/DewyBun


So y’all should check them out. They’re amazing and so stylish. I want to be like them


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