31 Day Challenge Day 20 & 21


Day 20: A difficult time in your life

Umm it’s kind of hard to just pick one without getting super tmi. The situations I’ve found the most stressful so far have been related to moving when I don’t necessarily want to. I’ve moved around a lot so it’s made me more introverted. I’ve always been more of a reserved person but once I warm up I’m more talkative. Also I get talked over frequently so it gets mistaken as me being quiet, I just didn’t get enough air time to speak. 

But the more I moved around the less confident and comfortable I was. I would have to learn new names, figure out what was or wasn’t cool and adapt to the new environment. Those things are tricky when your a kid still trying to figure yourself and the world out. And by the time I would get comfortable it was time to move again.

Day 21: Your top ten favorite foods


1.) Sushi (especially salmon nigri, spicy tuna rolls, and Las Vegas rolls and similar fried rolls)

2.) Tiramisu

3.) Shrimp fried rice

4.) Chocolate cake with chocolate icing

5.) Chicken alfredo pasta

6.) Curly fries

7.) Tatter tots

8.) Other fries except for crinkle cut and steak fries..y’all suck

9.) Burger King’s Chicken fries

10.) Corn dogs


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