March 28 2018 OOTD


A quick ootd!

I’m trying harder to condence these so I get them posted faster. And figure out when to have the best lighting. It’s so hard in a north west facing house. So please bear with me on some of these pics lmao. 


Today was a pretty laid back day. We had some errands to run and afterwards we picked up pizza for dinner.


On to the outfit! There’s three new items here. Well, technically two, the belt and purse. Both of these I’ll be going into more detail in future posts.


I wanted to show what the back looked like on this purse.


I’ve had the loafers for months but it’s been too cold/weird weather to wear them. I’ve been wearing them since it has warmed up some. But when I bought then I was still at Target…I think it was December.


They were buy one get one half off so I got a pair in pink velvet.


Penelope wanted in on some of the pics too I guess. She wanted me to pet her and give her treats, the usual.

I hope y’all enjoy this post! Have a great rest of your night/day.


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