31 Day Challenge Day 18 & 19



Day 18: The meaning behind your blog name

Runway Snobb is about having highly selective taste with a limited budget. That’s from my about page lol.  Because this is my second blog it was a little bit easier in a way to come up with a new name. I knew I still wanted to have part of it to be fashion related but more so than my last title.

I didn’t keep my list of names from my first blog so I was starting fresh. This time it took a lot less time to come up with one that I really loved. The name Runway Snobb isn’t about wearing head to toe designer products, it’s actually the opposite. Some ootd’s might be a mix of high low fashion and others completely from one store like GAP. I think that keeps things interesting.

Day 19: What do you collect

Kpop albums, gold heart shape and hoop earrings, and stuffed plushies. My collection of earrings and plushies is still pretty new. But I have 32 (33 including my Got7 Turbulence album but I don’t have it displayed) albums I’ve collected over the past three years I’ve been fully immersed in Kpop. There’s so many more I plan on getting. Eventually I think I’m going to have a separate bookcase just for my albums. I’m also going to have to figure out my posters situation. It’s totally out of control.


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