31 Day Challenge Day 9 & 10


How dare y’all ask me, a Gemini sun and rising to answer such questions!

Day 9: What are your worst habits


1.) Overthinking

2.) Procrastinating

3.) Poor time mangagment skills

4.) Not asking for help

5.) Eating sugary foods/drinks often

I talk about the top three often. These are hard habits to break but I try to take it a day at a time. I think back to these gifs.

tumblr_otsk3wKP1U1v24hyxo2_540 2

tumblr_otsk3wKP1U1v24hyxo3_540 2

Day 10: What is your best physical feature


I don’t have a physical feature I’m really confident about at the moment. Although I get comments from people saying they love my legs and thighs but those are the two features I’ve always hated the most. For a while arms were my favorite feature. But I got depressed and stopped working out and gained weight so I’m not happy with my arms either right now.

I am finally getting back into fitness and health though. I’m not spending another summer unhappy with my appearance.


I tried to answer these without getting too emotional and deep lmao. This will probably be the shortest post of this entire challenge.


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