31 Day Challenge: Day 8

Challenge, Fashion

Yay a handbag related challenge!! ^_^


Day 8: What’s in your handbag


I was so focused on shooting for two upcoming blog post earlier I forgot to take pictures for day 8. But I got it done and fortunately my lights from Amazon did a really good job.


This weekend I went back to carrying my clutch so there really isn’t too much I can put in it.


I have a couple of grownup wallets like my Coach ones but my Totoro one is my go to. It holds so much but doesn’t take up too much space length wise. The purple pen I got as a parting gift from my job back in Gilbert from my boss.

I love Bath & Body Works Warm Vanila Sugar scent. I mixed another lotion with the little bit I have left in this container. I try to reuse my lotion bottles that are this size. My keys just have the house key, Tile, and keychain from the National Gallery in England. I always keep hand sanitizer or wipes.

The receipts are from today. We went to Krispy Kreme for a green glazed doughnut which I got free for downloading their app and Sonic for half priced shakes so I’m actually saving to doughtnut for tomorrow, it was going to be my dessert.

Finally, I have a small tube of ibuprofen, my TonyMoly matte translucent powder, and Flim Noir lipstick.


I’m going to try to get through editing pictures tomorrow. Hopefully Monday & Tuesday I’ll have the blogpost up.


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