31 Day Challenge Day 6 & 7


I completely forgot to do day 6.

So I figured I’d cram the two days together. But today was so busy, I wasn’t able to get this  up sooner. Let’s get started!

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 1.26.05 AM


Day 6: Your 5 senses right now

Sight: My computer screen because I’m working on this post

Taste: Dr. Pepper

Touch: Computer keys

Smell: Burnt match from lighting my candle

Sound: Peter Monn’s newest video on Manny MUA 


Day 7: Your pet hates

So many things lmao but here’s the major ones:

She hates riding in cars

People picking her up (she barely lets me or my mom do it)

Guest the first time they come to the house (she sort of gets use to the same people over)

Water (unless it’s iced and in her bowl)

Other cats especially if they’re hanging out in the backyard (unless it’s Simba our next door neighbor’s cat)

Update 12:19 am : I just remembered pet hates = pet peeves


I’m not changing my answers

I’m also going to post day 8 later today/tonight so I’m all caught up.


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