31 Day Challenge: Day 2



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Day 2: 20 Facts about you

1.) I was born in Sikeston, Missouri.

2.) I grew up in Arizona and spent 17 years in between the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

3.) I’m a perfectionist which usually leads to me over thinking everything and procrastinating on things.

4.) I’m terrible at math. I will count on fingers or pull out a calculator. I’m not going to apologize or be shame of it. I’ve accepted that it’s not my area and it’s whatever.

5.) This summer I’m graduating with my bachelors degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies. Don’t ask me what I’m doing after college. I used to have a plan and three back up plans. I just want to work in the fashion industry and be able to buy stuff from Amazon, sushi, and go on trips. 

6.) I’m not really into shipping but I love fanfics, fake group chat, text message stories anything like that. I mainly read them for the dialogue. Which sounds fake but look at this quote from an NCT 127 fic for example:


If you want the link to this story let me know lmaooo it’s actually really good.

7.) My favorite band growing up was Fall Out Boy but when they went on hiatus I became a huge All Time Low fan. All through high school (well after sophmore year when I discovered them) they were my favorite band. I don’t really have a favorite anymore. I don’t listen to new Pop Punk/Alternative rock releases as much as I used to.

8.) I have an extremely short attention span when it comes to purses. I rotate bags constantly. Maybe one day I’ll find my ultimate handbag.

9.) My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper.

10. My favorite juice is generic (like Walmart or Kroger brand) Cranberry Apple Juice.

11. I have a tabby cat named Penelope who I’ve had for 11 years now.

12. I used to have a shih tzu named Lafayette but he died of cancer in 2016.

13. My favorite perfume atm is Prada Candy.

14.) I love differen’t music genres. My taste ranges from Alternative rock, a few Country songs, Kpop, Jpop, R&B, and Deep House. There’s some other genres I’m leaving out but this is a good start. 

15.) I don’t have a favorite color. There’s so colors I prefer more than others but it depends on the situation.

16.) I’m 5’8.

17.) I love Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, and other cute sanrio characters.

18.) I have a lot of fandoms I’m a part of.

19.) Clueless (the movie), Gentlemen Perfer Blondes, and Sailor Moon are three of my favorite films/series. I get a lot of inspiration from them and they’ve influenced my style and lifestyle.

20.) Along with being bad at math, I also keep dictionary app and autocorrect on stanby. Sometime words look incorrect and I second guess myself.



Sorry for posting this so late! I got distracted by Youtube videos and next thing I know it’s almost Monday morning.

Ash ♥

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