February 9th 2018


Remember when I said I wanted to do more daily blogpost? Well, here we go…

Let’s start with my ootd yesterday.


My mom and I went up to the North Georgia Premium Outlet mall to check out the new Z Gallerie outlet. This selfie I took in the Saks Off Fifth dressing room. I was thinking about getting that black BCBG blouse hanging in the background. I loved the wide sleeves on it, but I didn’t like how it fit in my waist. It felt too big. I can always find adorable sunglasses at this Saks but clothing is hit or miss.

My outfit itself is kinda the usual suspects; black skinny jeans from Forever 21, my combat boots from Amazon I bought forever ago I really need a new pair lol, brown belt from Hollister, grey turtle neck shirt from BCBG, faux fur coat from Hollister, gold hoop earrings from my mom, and my MCM clutch. The only newer item is my heart shape enamel necklace I found on Etsy about two months ago. And yes that’s my account where I left a review on this necklace.  Oh and my Cherry Bomb case with Johnny arrived in the mail on Thursday so that’s my current phone case. But y’all know I rotate cases all the time. 


Our first stop when we got the mall was actually Williams Sonoma. They had additional 50% off of clearance. So I found two amazing smelling candles. I’m saving the salted caramel for later.  We also found some other cool items.


I keep this candle by my desk but the lighting was better by my bed so I took the two previous pictures over there.


On to the pillow!! I found a really cute pillow to put on my bed. Because there isn’t enough stuff there already on it. 


The Z Gallerie outlet is located where the Restoration Hardware used to be located. Turns out they opened their own store across from the outlet mall. Anyway back when we lived in Gilbert my mom and I would always go to Z Gallerie after we had sushi at RA off Val Vista Drive. We’re thrilled they have an outlet not too far from our house here in Georgia.


So full price this pillow was $59 but it was on sale for $29. I went ahead and got it because it was the last one like it.


The front of it is like a velvet material and the back is polyester. It’s incredibly soft.


So this is the current setup on my bed.



I moved Kuchi Kopi to my desk chair. I use him as a back support pillow mostly. If I’m watching TV in bed I’ll move him over there but he mostly guards my desk now.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! This is one of two I will be posting today. The second post will be a bit shorter and is part of a series.



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