31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1


2/2 blogpost I’m posting today *throws confetti*

 I thought since I’ve started Runway Snobb it would be a good idea to do a 31 day challenge post. Even though were about to be in the second full week of March and this one is for May. I know I have some old readers who have followed me over to my new blog but I know I also have new readers who aren’t as familar with my background.

I did one of these challenges back on SCJ back in 2015 but I ended up deleting the posts because I felt like they didn’t think they fit in well with my other post. But I don’t care about that anymore.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 1.26.05 AM

I found this post on Pinterest. It looks like the original blogger moved sites but I’m not sure if she’s still active.

Day 1:  Introduction and recent photo


I took this selfie yesterday before we left the house. I was thinking of using it for my Insta picture but I think I’m going to keep it as is for now. I like having other avis or profile pictures as other things. My face is already spread out throughout my profile.


I’m Ashliegh-Cheyenne Ross. Ash or Ashliegh is fine. I really want to stress it’s I before E. Ashliegh. I was ranting about this yesterday on Twitter the other day lmaooo. I’ve just decided if someone is having trouble spelling my name I’d rather it say Ash than twenty incorrect attempts at HALF of my first name. I don’t even really use Cheyenne because one, it’s too long and usually doesn’t fit the first name slot and two, people struggle with Ashliegh. By the time it gets spelled correctly and they tell me it’s pretty, I’m irritated and ready to leave. Then I got to get into why my name is what it is, why I hate it, and how unique it is and blah blah blah It’s just too much.


I really only use Ashliegh-Cheyenne if I’m working in a place with someone who has the same name.

I’m going to actually wait until tomorrow’s post to give more facts about myself. I think that’s going to be a very long post.


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